Curriculum Vitae


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ROBERT Ladislas (Leslie , Laszlo)


Born in Budapest (Hungary), 1924




                Faculties of Sciences and Medicine, Szeged, Targu-Mures (Transylvania), Budapest and Paris


                M.D., University of Paris: " Action de la température sur les réactions biologiques". Silver Medal


                Ph.D., Lille, France :" L'élastine et les élastases".


                Scientific carrier:  tenured Member of the French National Research Center (CNRS) since 1950.


                Research Director (class 1) since 1974


                retired from CNRS, September 1994


                1995-1997: Director of the Connective Tissue Research Team in the Department of Cell Biology, Sciences Faculty, University  Paris 7.


                Since 1998: Laboratoire de Recherche Ophtalmologique, Faculté de Médecine -Hôtel Dieu, Université Paris 5.




                Undergraduate courses (Masters Degree) in Aging Biology


                Graduate courses in Connective Tissue Biochemistry and Aging Biology


                Degree of Specialization in Geriatrics - courses in basic Gerontology at several Medical Schools


                Director and Supervisor of about 50 Ph.D. Theses


                Worked in the following Laboratories


                Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Budapest, Profs R.B.STRAUB and  I. BACH. 1945-1948


                Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Paris, Prof. M. POLONOVSKI, Prof. M-F. JAYLE. 1949-1959


                Department of Biochemistry, Illinois University School of Medicine, Chicago, USA, Prof. R.J. WINZLER. 1959-1960


                Department of Biochemistry, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New-York, USA, Prof. Z. DISCHE. 1960-1961


                Institute of Immunology, Hôpital Broussais, Prof. B.N. HALPERN.1962-1966


                Founder of the French Laboratory of Connective Tissue  Biochemistry, then  Research Laboratory of the CNRS. 1966-1994, at the Henri Mondor Hospital Medical School, University Paris XII.




                Laureate of the Medical School, Paris, 1953


                Prize of the Association of Scientific Journal Editors, 1962


                Reiss Prize  of Ophthalmology ( with  Prof. Y. POULIQUEN), 1970


                Honorary Doctor Degree of the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, 1991


                Verzar Medal for Gerontological Research, University of Vienna (Austria), 1994


                Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1995


Elected corresponding Member of the Scientific Academy of Westfalian-Northern Rhenany (Germany), 1996


                NOVARTIS Prize, International Society of Gerontology, 1997


                Scientist of the year, French Society of antioxidants, 2008


Member of French and Foreign Societies :


                               Société de Chimie Biologique et de Biologie Moléculaire, France


                               Biochemical Society, UK


                               American Chemical Society, USA


                               New York Academy of Sciences, USA


                               Member of the Scientific Board of the Research Institute on Arteriosclerosis, University of Münster, Germany, 1972-1996


                               Founder, General Secretary, President and since 1986, Honorary President of the French Society of Connective Tissue Research


                               Founder of the Federation of European Connective Tissue Societies                                                   President  of the French Atherosclerosis Society


Member of the Editorial Board of the following reviews


                               Journal of Bology






                               Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics


                               Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry






Scientific contributions




                               Mécanismes Cellulaires et Moléculaires du Vieillissement, Masson, Paris, 1983


                               Les Horloges Biologiques, 1989, Flammarion, Paris


                               Le vieillissement, de l'Homme aux cellules, 1994, Belin-CNRS


                               Le Vieillissement, Faits et Théories, 1995, Dominos-Flammarion, Paris


                               Vieillissement du cerveau et démences, 1998, Nouvelle Bibliothèque Scientifique, Flammarion, 2ND ED : 2003


                               Les Temps de la Vie, 2002, Nouvelle Bibliothèque Scientifique, Flammarion.


                               Bio-Logiques du vieilissement (With PA Miquel), 2004, Kimé , Paris


                               Les secrets de la longévité, 2006, Editions Louis Audibert, Paris


                Series Editor: "Frontiers of Matrix Biology", Karger, Bâle, 11 Volumes


                               Co-Editor (with A.M. Robert): Colloque International n° 287 du CNRS:"Biochimie Normale et Pathologique du Tissu Conjonctif", 2 volumes, 1980


                               Co-Editor (with F. DELBARRE et H.KAISER) of "Les maladies du Tissu Conjonctif", 1980 and (with F. DELBARRE et H. GREILING) of" Pharmacologie cellulaire et moléculaire des maladies du Tissu Conjonctif", 1981, Colloques Franco-Allemands de Rhumatologie, Boerhinger-Ingelheim, France


                                Co-Editor "Elastin and Elastases", 2 volumes, 1989 CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida


                               Editor : Molecular Biology and Pathology of Elastin, (Ciba Foundation symposium), 1995, Wiley, London


Publications  in International Scientific Journals


                More than 1000


List of publications since 2002.


Cell-matrix interactions in cancer spreading - effect of aging;. An introduction.


Robert L


In Seminars in Cancer Biol. Robert L. (Guest Ed). 2002, 12: 157-16


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